What is mednet patient?
mednet patient is a web-based health dossier that makes the most important medical data of a person available for retrieval from anywhere and at any time. It provides physicians and pharmacists throughout the country with all the medical information they need for rapid and safe treatment at a glance. Ideal for emergencies or especially when the attending physician or pharmacist is not available.
In which languages is mednet patient available?
mednet patient is available in German, French, Italian, Romanian and English.
What does mednet patient cost?
mednet patient is free for the patients. The prices for doctors, pharmacy, hospitals, laboratories and other service providers can be requested at: frage@mednetpatient.swiss
What data can mednet patient store?
  • In the mednet patient health file, you store and manage your medical data such as diagnoses, therapies, vaccines, prescribed medications, treatments, allergies or x-rays, as well as fitness data.
  • Values such as blood sugar, blood pressure, pulse, weight or BMI are easily and at any time available, as well as graphically or in tabular form.
  • With the Living Will you help doctors and relatives to make the right decisions in difficult situations.
On which devices can I use mednet patient?
  • mednet patient can be used on PC and mobile devices (Android and iOS).
  • When you use a smartphone, you are automatically redirected to the mednet patient website version optimized for smartphones.
How will my questions about mednet patient be answered?
  • We will answer all your questions within 24 hours during normal working hours.
  • Please contact: support@mednetpatient.swiss.

Pharmacists and doctors

How can I care for my patients online with mednet patient?
  • Patients can store all their health-related data and documents in the mednet patient online medical file, e.g. vaccination card, prescribed medication, diagnoses, treatments or allergies, together with the corresponding documents such as treatment reports, x-rays, screening documents and important emergency data.
  • The mednet patient Health Dossier facilitates the connection of electronic measuring devices for regular measurement and recording of vital data such as blood pressure, weight, pulse and more.
  • This data enables you as a medical officer to follow the health development of your patients quickly and clearly.
  • As soon as your patients give you the rights to their mednet patient dossier, you will see the entries and the documents and can supplement them with your medical information.
  • Messages that you write to the patient are also stored in the mednet patient Health Dossier. The content of the messages and the attached documents are only available in the protected area of the health directory. The patient will be informed by e-mail about the receipt of a new message.

Data protection and security

How is the data backed up in mednet patient?
  • As with e-banking, the data in mednet patient is encrypted using the HTTPS protocol and the recognized SSL encryption method.
  • The server infrastructure meets the highest security standards.
  • The server's hard disks are encrypted.
What about data protection at mednet patient?
  • The data is transferred encrypted from the mednet patient server to your internet-enabled device. It goes without saying that mednet patient complies with the strict data protection regulations of Switzerland. Your data will be stored exclusively in Switzerland.
  • Only the owner of the mednet patient health dossier himself can enable third parties to access his data.
How secure is my health data?
  • The protection of your data and your privacy has the highest priority in mednet patient.
  • Only you and the persons authorized by you can view and change the data. You can revoke your access rights at any time.
  • The data is stored in such a way that you are protected from unauthorized access. We use the latest security technologies.
  • All accesses to your dossier are logged. You can view the corresponding access log at any time.

Living will

What is a living will?
The living will is a precautionary document in which a person capable of making a judgement can specify in writing which medical treatment he or she wishes or refuses in the event of incapacity to make a judgement.
When will the living will be used?
  • The living will be primarily addressed to the attending physicians. It makes it easier for them and the concerned person’s relatives to make difficult decisions, when he or she is no longer able to express his or her will and/or no longer has the necessary judgement to consent to or refuse certain treatments.
  • If you would like to include a living will in your patient file or require further information, we will be happy to put you in touch with our legal service, which can offer you the appropriate service.
  • Please contact us at patientenverfuegung@mednetpatient.swiss